Our accounting service will help you reduce costs and enable efficient management of your business records. In addition, Fiscalis provides 24/7 secure online access to all of your finances through modern technical solutions. We work with renowned software solutions like 4d Wand, Pantheon and other popular accounting applications.

Providing financial information to our clients accurately and punctually is our commitment that cannot be compromised. Well-organized financial records will ensure that your business is being performed more efficiently on a daily basis.

Our company provides a full range of cost-effective accounting services including the following:


  • initial establishment of business books and accounting plan
  • management of the main and supplementary books for financial accounting
  • transaction recording and data entry into the accounting software


Preparation of calculations:

  • calculation of value added tax
  • calculation of income tax, tax deduction, specific taxes and excise duties and other taxes
  • calculation of interest rates
  • calculation of exchange rate differences
  • assets depretiation calculation
  • calculation of travel orders
  • cash book accounts


Reports preparation:

How well are you acquainted with your financial obligations for the end of the financial year? As an entrepreneur you are familiar with the importance of making the final annual reports on time. Fiscalis provides expert help in calculating your tax obligations, regardless of the business activity you are involved in or the type of software that you use in your business. Our services for the business year closure are customized, thorough and reliable. These include:

  • composition of annual financial statements and notes associated with financial reports
  • preparation of consolidated financial statements


Other services:

  • keeping records and filing of sales and supplier ledger
  • cash operations
  • preparing documentation
  • monitoring of public duties status
  • support during tax and other audits
  • reporting to government institutions (PU, HZZO, HZMO, Regos, FINA, HNB, HANFA)
  • production of accounting policies in accordance with the legal provisions and duties
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