If the payroll calculations consume a significant amount of your time and energy, let Fiscalis take care of this, so that you can spend your time on core business activities. At Fiscalis, we provide accurate and timely payroll processing. We take care of your tax calculations and we are always well informed about the changes in the field of tax and labor legislation.

Fiscalis offers customized payroll services, with the potential to save you 30% of the current costs in payroll processing.

Payroll processing includes:

  • calculation of the monthly salary for each employee, the premium (bonus) and additions to the salary, taxes, local taxes and mandatory contributions, including compensation suspension and compensation instead of salaries, reimbursement of fees and other incomes specific for gainful employment (sick leave, annual leave)
  • the calculation of royalties, fees for service contracts, contracts for student services, compensation for members of supervisory boards
  • preparation of payroll and transfer orders to the worker’s accounts, as well as orders for transfers related to taxes and contributions from and on earnings
  • production and delivery of payment calculations for current workers’ accounts, individual payment orders and files for e-banking input
  • preparation and submission of JOPPD form through the e-Porezna application
  • filling out of forms and reports prescribed by law and sending them electronically to relevant institutions
  • preparation of individual annual reports about the salary payment (IP form for employees) and confirmation of other paid incomes
  • keeping database with all of the payments and calculations per employee or other income recipients
  • transfers for accounting treatment in bookkeeping
  • keeping the workers’ ledger / workers’ records
  • annual income tax returns
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