Company valuation is necessary in case of selling the company, sale of a part of the company, a merger or an additional investment. The assessment is often done for the purpose of making important decisions about the future of the company owners and the company itself.

With valuation models we determine the value of the company and provide high-quality information to our clients about the financial condition, business operations and business risks, all in one place.

Financial Due Diligence

The term “due diligence”, or deep scanning, describes a careful, systematical and thorough testing, inspection and analysis of data of a candidate for investment, takeover or merger, or the disclosure of information by the target object. Due Diligence extends far beyond from the formal audit area, for example, the annual financial statements or the trading book.

With financial due diligence our support usually includes the following activities:

  • Analysis of the financial condition
  • Evaluation of significant accounting documents in terms of assessment and accounting changes
  • Testing of contracts concluded with customers, suppliers and employees with regard to their effect on the assets, finances and income of the targeted company
  • Getting the results relevant to the purchase price, for example EBITDA and EBIT
  • Analysis of sales revenue and margin according to the companies’ sectors
  • Testing existing financial forecasts and determining alternatives
  • Identification of potential obstacles
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